Abortion kit Texas-Cytolog

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BRAND: Gynnext
COMPOSITION: Mifepristone & Misoprostol
USAGE: Medical Abortion

Abortion kit Texas

An abortion kit is a complete kit to terminate an unwanted pregnancy with just pills. It is a safe and easy way to use. It is suggested to use this way of abortion up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. If you are looking for an abortion kit in the USA, Texas, UK, England, Cytolog kit is a complete abortion kit that is safe and FDA-Approved available at, to buy email at

Order abortion kit Texas online to discard pregnancy

Cytolog kit-abortion kit is an anti-hormone pill that is used to discard early pregnancy not proceeding then 11 weeks. It is an oral abortion pill prescribed to be taken orally with normal water. It acts lapse down the hormone accountable to build pregnancy. The supplement ends the source of the hormone, which upholds the inner function of the uterus. It is a kind of therapeutic procedure, approx takes hardly 7 days to terminate.  An inexistence of these hormones fails the uterus, barred to support the pregnant egg. It’s supposed to be used from the first day of the previous menstrual period. One needs to go for an under checkup to confirm the pregnancy after the confirmation starts this pill. It is one of the best solutions for the one who avoids getting into the surgical process as in surgical procedure you need anaesthesia, visit the clinic and more painful way. To get the baby privately and surreptitiously aborted, Buy an abortion kit in the USA, UK, just email at it is found 95% working.

What does the cytolog kit contain:

Cytolog kit contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol . Along with Mifepristone one needs to go for Misoprostol as well. The work of Mifepristone is to kill the fetus and Misoprostol to eliminate the fetus uterus. Mifepristone is a primary medicine that is to be taken orally first and the Misoprostol is a secondary medicine recommended to be taken vaginally. Cytolog kit is a set of 5 supplements which includes 1 pill of Mifepristone 200 mg and 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg each.

Dosage direction

Cytolog kit that runs for 1 week to abort the fetus completely, if followed according to the prescribed manner. Intake of an abortion pill leads to cause heavy vaginal bleeding, which makes them face, stomach cramps, vomiting, queasiness, fever, etc. The bleeding may last for a week or more than that.

Prevention measure

A lady below 18 ages must not practice this kit without consulting the doctor. Initiating the process late may result in pills failure in performance. In such a case, do not go for the next kit instead of consults the doctor for assistance. Abtreibungspille kaufen (Deutschland bei Lieferung am nächsten Tag),Mifepristone online kaufen|mit einer Lieferzeit von 1-2 Tagen in Deutschland


During the procedure, you may face conditions of vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, head pain, dizziness, etc.

Hence go for Abortion pills online TX online like abortion kit Texas that consists of mifepristone and misoprostol to terminate an unwanted gestation.Mifeprex USA-Buy online with fast express shipping. You can buy Cytolog Kit online at extremely cheap rates on or email at

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  1. Julius Tennon

    In the peak of romantic flair, I forgot to use contraceptive and got pregnant. Taking Mifeprex pills was the easiest way for abortion. The medicine really saved my grace

  2. Matahi Drollet

    Thank you so much for your great service and the product worked really good. I’m so happy.

  3. Mormon Maitui

    I can’t actually admit that it will really conclude early pregnancy of 7 weeks but yes 5 weeks probably since I used it to end my 4 to 5 weeks of maternity. It was fine in respons

  4. Kirill Ostapenko

    Best Abortion Pill Online

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