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Abortion pack

Safe abort kit is a complete abortion pack in USA available with safe and secure online payment.We make sure that our every product comes with discreet packaging.We deliver abortion pack in USA with very fast delivery by DHL,FedEx,TNT.TO buy abortion pack email at

Now a  days abortion by pills is first choice of women as it is safe and easy also keeps your abortion private.We offer safe online payment mode and keeps your all personal data safe and secure.

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Abortion pack USA- Safe Abort Kit

Safe abort kit is a combikit of mifepristone & misoprostol tablets, Mifepristone is a synthetic steroid having antiprogestin properties. It blocks the activity of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that is necessary to continue the pregnancy till 9 months, which plays a lead role in the growth of the fetus.

Due to the blocking of progesterone, Mifepristone changes the uterine lining and causes menstrual bleeding which results in shedding of the uterine lining and removes all the pregnancy parts from the body.

Misoprostol acts similar to prostaglandin E1. When Misoprostol interacts with prostaglandin, which is helpful in softening the cervix and contraction of the uterus resulting in the expulsion of dead embryo contents. Mifeprex USA-Buy online with fast express shipping

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Abortion kit-how to use?

Safe abort kit should only be used to terminate pregnancies up to 10 weeks (67 days). Safe abort kit should not be used recommended for aborting the later pregnancy.

A Safe abort kit contains one tablet of 200 mg Mifepristone and four tablets of 200mcg Misoprostol.

Day1. One tablet of Mifepristone to be taken orally, (and after 2 days),

Day 3. Four tablets of Misoprostone to be inserted vaginally. (Follow up after 10 days)

Day 14. A follow-up visit to the doctor’s clinic. To be sure the abortion is complete, it is important to have a checkup of about 2 weeks.

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Following a medical abortion there are several expected outcomes:-

1. Bleeding: Vaginal bleeding during an abortion is normal. Bleeding can vary, some women bleed for a long period of time and some may bleed less. Bleeding after medical abortion can last for a period of up to 9 to 13 days. This is seen that many women pass blood clots.

2. ask for a doctor if you have little or no bleeding for 4 hours after taking the last tablet.

3. Also if you have heavy bleeding that almost soaks through a pad in an hour or less for two or more hours in a row.

4. If you are having persistent and continuous bleeding as a period or heavier for more than two weeks.

5. If you are passing blood clots larger in size than the normal clots ask for advice from your doctor.

6. Cramps: You may experience severe to mild cramping for several days during and after an abortion. While passing clots, the cramps are often more severe. Sometimes the cramps are felt in your lower back or down your thighs. You can have some painkillers for the same but avoid aspirin.

7. Fever: Fever is a side effect that is seen while using this medicine for abortion. You can take advice from your doctor if the fever continues more than a day is higher than 100-degree Fahrenheit

8. There are many physical and emotional changes as an after effect for using Safe abort kit for medical abortion; like breast discomfort (Pain in the breast or feeling heavy) this should go away within a week; Nausea; Tiredness; Emotional change; There are many conditions for using safe abort kit- Ask for your doctor advice if your blood group is Rh-negative, it is the most important fact that one needs to discuss with the doctor.

One can start their regular activity after a proper rest for the first 24hours after abortion. Most women are able to return to their normal activity the next day. It is advised to avoid strenuous exercises like jogging, biking, aerobics and heavy lifting for a minimum period of two weeks. Sexual intercourse is not recommended until bleeding stops.


Do not take Safe abort kit if:

1. You are not definite about pregnancy.

2. You have an IUCD (a contraceptive device put in the uterus). It must be taken out before you use the Safe abort kit

3. Your doctor has told you that you have a pregnancy outside the uterus.

4. If you have chronic adrenal failure.

5. If you have thin blood or you take medicine to thin your blood. 6. If you are allergic to Mifepristone, Misoprostol or medicines that contain Misoprostol.

As there is no safe time after an abortion, you may get pregnant as early as 4-6 weeks; post-abortion; this may hamper your health, thereby you need to use some method to birth control.

Birth control methods should be started as soon as it is determined that the pregnancy is terminated. Avoiding sexual intercourse is preferred or else condoms may be used till bleeding stops to avoid infection.

If you are still pregnant, you can choose the options you have, including a surgical procedure to end your pregnancy. There are chances that there may be a birth defect if the pregnancy is not ended. Buy Abortion pills online TX at best price.

Note: Get a checkup by visiting a doctor to confirm your pregnancy get terminated or not.

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  1. Kristine Cabanban

    This abortion pill was unexpectedly very good as I could hardly imagine that I will get the abortion completed in just 2 days. Thanks to the user guide in the pill. It explained all so well.

  2. admin

    I never knew payment will be so easy and so fast when I ordered ABORTION PACK USA online.

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    The best mode of payment

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    Avail at a cheaper rate

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    i got a special offer with with a ABORTION PACK USA online. discount on my next purchase on any medicine available on this site.

  6. admin

    i took one pill of this product buccally and another product vaginally and the abortion was a success but as per the doctors advise i finished the dose.

  7. admin

    my doctor prescribed me with this product and the effect was seen just an hour after taking the 1st dose.

  8. admin

    i run a hospital and i had to order for bulk cytotec tablets and this time i got free shipping that too express shipping. Thanx!

  9. admin

    when i came to know about my pregnancy story i was already tensed but i could handle it well wen i aborted it with the help of Abortion pill pack online. everything went on well

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    provision for good offers

  11. admin

    got a wonderful feedback from the customer care section and their concern was appreciable. budgetory offer

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    Simple and easy pregnancy termination pill

  13. admin

    My profession was at its climax and one day unexpectedly I comprehended that I am pregnant. I was actually not ready for this instant, so I and my spouse determined to stop the gestation with Abortion pill pack

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