Misoprostol Mexico-cytolog

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Misoprostol Mexico

Misoprostol-cytolog comes with 200 mcg tablets known to use for medical abortion and post-delivery bleeding. In case of missed abortion, it is used to soften the cervix and to expel the dead content of the uterus. Women from worldwide choosing the option of abortion pills as these are safe and less painful in comparison to the surgical. Buy misoprostol tablets at 

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Misoprostol Mexico-cytolog uses

Misoprostol Mexico-cytolog 200mcg tablets increase contractions of the uterus to cause abortion. It can also prevent post-delivery bleeding due to poor contraction of the uterus. It is generally used for medical abortion and post deliver bleeding cases. It is a safe and FDA-Approved medicine so you can buy and use it without any hesitation. Features to use it:

  • Safe and successful abortion at low cost
  • Painless abortion and no use of surgical equipment
  • Easy to understand the process
  • No requirement to travel while aborting
  • No long term aftermaths
  • Helps to maintain the privacy
  • Can be performed at home

Misoprostol side effects

Some common side effects are vomiting, nausea or dizziness can be handled by taking sufficient rest or restricting movements from your bed as much as possible. It is always advisable to keep your body hydrated with fluids i.e. water or fruit juices but avoid grapefruit juice to avoid excess bleeding. Do try to keep all your requirements near your resting area.

Side effects like cramping and bleeding can be tolerated as per your endurance, but if that exceeds it is advised to meet the doctor as soon as possible before any adverse condition.

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Misoprostol price

Misoprostol cytolog comes with 4 tablets with 200 mcg each you will get it for $99.00 only on

customers can order it one, two or more kits as per their requirement but it is advisable to buy 2 kits for convenience. To buy Misoprostol Mexico-cytolog tablets email us at

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4 reviews for Misoprostol Mexico-cytolog

  1. admin

    The easy use of the pill

  2. admin

    Without any doubt, I would suggest the women having a termination to use abortion pills.

  3. admin

    With this pill, you can also maintain the privacy of your termination and can also use them without anyone’s help.

  4. admin

    This pill helped in my bad time and helped to come up from the face.

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